Wall of Honor


Our Brothers May They Rest In Peace

 May 13, 1975, The First 23

USAF Knife 13






  Bob Ford  Edgar Moran II  Gerald Fritz  Gerald Coyle

                     Bob Ford             Edgar Moran II          Gerald Fritz              Gerald Coyle


  Darrell Hamlin  David Higgs  James "Jim" Kays  Laurence Froehlich

               Darrell Hamlin           David Higgs                   Jim Kays         Laurence Froehlich


  Faleagafula Ilaoa  Gregory Hankamer  George McMullen III  Michael Lane

              Faleagafulu Ilaoa    Gregory Hankamer George McMullen III   Michael Lane


Thomas Dwyer  Paul Raber  Robert Mathias  Robert Ross

Thomas Dwyer           Paul Raber             Robert Mathias           Robert Ross


Thommy Nealis  Robert Weldon  William McKelvey  Bobby Collums 

Tommy Nealis           Robert Weldon       William McKelvey       Bobby Cullums


Jimmy Black         

                                                          Jimmy Black                Jackie Glenn          Dennis London




May 15, 1975

Battle at Koh Tang Island




 Ashton Loney

Ashton Loney

KIA on Island


Knife 31 Shot down


Daniel Benedett  Andres Garcia  Bernard Gause Jr.  Gregory Copenhaver

               Daniel Benedett        Andres Garcia      Bernard Gause JR.  Gregory Copenhaver


James Jacques  James Maxwell  Kelton Turner  Lynn Blessing

James Jacques        James Maxwell          Kelton Turner       Lynn Blessing


Richard Rivenburgh  Ronald Manning  Antonio Sandavol  Walter Boyd 

           Richard Rivenburg   Ronald Manning     Antonio Sandavol        Walter Boyd


Richard Van de Geer  Elwood "Woody" Rumbaugh

                                           Richard Van de Geer   Woody Rumbaugh


And the Final Three Brothers from Echo Company

Machine Gun Brothers

Danny Marshall     Gary Hall    Joseph "Joe" Hargrove

                               Danny Marshall             Gary Hall            Joseph Hargrove


All of our Brothers have been recorved with the exception of the following.  Ashton Loney, Danny Marshall, Gary Hall, Joseph Hargrove and Woody Rumbaugh. 



May all of them Rest In Peace

and God Bless the Families of all of them.


Below is links on Facebook of Videos made of Our Fallen Warrior

and Brothers Passed.

The First is from 2012 and the second is 2014