Items Available


 The following items are being sold at cost plus shipping if you wold like to purchase them.


 T-Shirts:  S-XL are $20 each, 2X are $22, 3X are $23 and 4X are $24, the shirts come in white or green.  Shipping for the shirts are based on how many. I can fit 2 shirts in one envelope which cost $7 to ship and arrives in 3 days or sooner.  These are available in hoodies as well.

Hoodies run $40 plus $13.50 for shipping because of the size.  They can be personalized with the photo of one of the fallens pic over their name and the lettering change to gold.  I can fit 2 maybe 3 hoodies in one box.  We also have 11oz coffee mugs, they cost $20 each which includes shipping.  If ordering mutiple items you can save on the cost of the shipping.






To place your order by sending an email to, or IM me on FB or call me at 618-709-0588


This is how Debbie Jacques had her hoodie done to honor her Uncle James Jacques.